At Astrology-Dot-Net we appreciate those Web sites that contribute information to the Web community in a way that stands out from the flood of ordinary sites. We created the Astrology.Net Gold Star Award to recognize those sites as valuable members of the online world. Not all of these sites are astrology-related, but each makes its mark on the Web in its own way.

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Our Gold Star winners for this week are:

Saturday Nights!
A wealth of information on Los Angeles finest nightlife and entertainment. Hosting listings of over 100+ clubs, ranging from R&B to Jazz to Rock and everything in between, It is a definite stop for anyone contemplating to experience the nightlife that Los Angeles has to offer.

Internet Roadstop
A complete mac resource with a great e-zine, daily news, MacTrack (tracks the prices of mac systems) and a list of essential Hot Links.

CaraBella Standard Schnauzer
This site give breed information, information and photos of CaraBella Standard Schnauzers, Schnauzer clipart, animation, guestbook and follow-around sound.

Advice To The Unsure ... The Web Site With An Answer To Your Problems. They claim they have helped over 5000 people since 1994!

The Concerned Businessmen's Association of America Internet
It is about the above mentioned organization's work in putting common sense moral values back in schools via their Set a Good Example Program. Approximately seven million students have participated in their program throughout the United States.

Andreas is 12 years old and from Norway who has composed this site. It contains Java and animation -- good work Andreas!

Jaunty's Home Page
This page is about Hong Kong History, World Wide Hot Link, and a Funny IQ Test!

Group Beirut Four
The first lebanese scouting webpage on the internet. It shows and talks about Group Beirut Four from Lebanon.

The City of Coronado California Web Site
The City of Coronado California, a picturesque, seaside village located on a sweeping peninsula across the bay from San Diego. This is a site from the Coronado Transportation Management Association, filled with valuable information, and easy navigation.

This fully bilingual (English and German) site offers nearly everything interesting and important about Berlin! It houses among other things the most complete Berlin hotel list, a huge number of Berlin-related links in more than 40 categories (weekly updated), a virtual sightseeing tour, and the first Berlin netVenture.

FictionNet is an online publisher of original fiction, including novels and short story collections written by authors from around the world. Books are available through download or on 3.5" disks.

Brown Paper Bag Productions
Personal 3d graphics gallery with Raydream Studio tutorials & files.

Offers information and links concerning the core-curriculum subjects for students in middle school to college. The subjects covered include: Botany, Drama, Environmental Science, History, Literature, Mathematics, and Visual Arts.

Toasty's Home Page
Features some of the latest Web technologies to combine utility and astheticism. It contains info and links about a wide variety of subjects, all in a easy to use format.

AntiVirus Resources
A handy site which lists online virus attack reporting with results instantly sent to antivirus developers/researchers worldwide. Also, email notices of new antivirus software versions.

Find & Promote It! directory
A free directory. You can list your site in 2 categories and if they like your site will mention it in their mailing list.

Eric's Home Page
This web site is about the midi files. It can be browsered by both Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 with different effects.

Chinese Pop Music
Chinese pop music with lyrics, singers' biodata, votes for your favourite singers and chat.

Michael's Guitar Utopia
It's a jumping off point for guitarists, young and old. Links to all aspects and genre's of guitar music. Software, tablature, lessons, manufacturers.

This page features fantasy art, poetry, & fiction, with links to some of the best of fantasy on the web, and wildlife site links to help keep our forests green and our world full of wildlife.
The resource guide for the San Joaquin Valley. Complete with discussion Forums, Reviews, Web Links, and more!

Dana Letsom Cyber Artist
Dana paints landscapes, seascapes and gardens in oils, in realism. They are different and unique.

The magic and music of words -- that's what A.Word.A.Day is all about

Bad Dog Chronicles
A place where dogs tell their most devious and destructive acts. No humans allowed!

Microsoft CarPoint is the smartest way to buy your next car, saving you time and money. They feature dealer invoice prices, photos, reviews, road test results, and a very cool virtual test drive using surround video (new car smell not included!). Whether it's a foreign or domestic auto, sport utility vehicle, truck, or van you're looking for, a pit stop here should make buying your next road machine easy, fun and hassle-free.

Victoria Home Page
Victoria are an up-and-coming indie band from Manchester about to hit the big time. They feature female lead singer and keyboards. Major prospects on the horizon including a US tour although they are as-yet unsigned but have received lots of hopeful signs from various record companies.

The Medical Acupuncture Web Page
Through these pages we would like to inform Medical Doctors Health Care Professionals and patients about the therapeutic properties of Acupuncture.

Bruce's Home Page
This is a personal page. Lots of features using ActiveX componants, Java and Visual Basic Scripts.

NMSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics
The NMSU College of Agriculture and Home Economics web site serves as a general information source about the college, but it offers many free public services as well, including an award-winning online magazine ('Resources').

John Walter's Home Page
It has a large literary studies resource page, a page for both J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft, an election resource page, and a "cool links" page. It is home to The Tabard: A Medieval Studies site.

Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts
A source for unique fonts and original graphic arts resources which bring the visual arts of he past to life. Features a free monthly contest and lots of free shareware downloads.

PowerBBS Support Site 2
A well organized support site for PowerBBS Sysops around the world! Has a well designed software section, and is overall very graphically appealling.

Artie's Home Page
The site provides bright, fast-loading animated cartoon clips and a freeware player program for your Windows PC, plus animated GIFs, 3D tips and more from a working film/video/multimedia animation company, ARG.

Welcome to Raton, New Mexico
The site provides extensive information about Raton, New Mexico...Gateway to the Land of Enchantment.

Welcome to Raton, New Mexico
The site provides extensive information about Raton, New Mexico...Gateway to the Land of Enchantment.

Universal Knowledge Factory
A family home page with many links on various topics.

OzDogz is a forum for all things canine. They promote responsible dog ownership and registered breeders, dog clubs, publications, products and services and more worldwide. With something of interest for everyone who loves dogs.

An all-in-one search page with search forms for a lot of the major Internet search engines, including Excite, AltaVista, HotBot, and others.

Light for Life Foundation
This is the Light for Life Foundation's home page. The foundation helps prevent youth suicide through a Yellow Ribbon Program.

Coca-Cola Classic
Home page dedicated to providing facts, information and fun for Coke fans and collectors of Coca-Cola memorabilia.

Everything on the site is free -- including web space.

The Standard Schnauzer Club of America
The Standard Schnauzer Club of America's 1997 National Specialty Page provides all the info needed by a Schnauzer lover to attend the 97 Specialty. It contains guest book, clip art and animated clip art.

Questar Corporation
The site includes company news, financial information, and a unique natural gas and energy industry photo archive. The sites provides information about Questar affiliates including retail natural gas distribution, gas and oil exploration and productions, and other field services.

San Gabriel High School
San Gabriel High School web page. Students can find out various information, such as SAT sites, scholarships, the school's master calendar of events, etc.

Can*Con! is an innovative company specializing in Internet consulting, multimedia advertising and multilingual web site design. Our services include Internet setup, programming, providing customer domains, constant web maintenance, and multimedia marketing.

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