THE AWARD OF ELEGANCE is given to any Personal HomePage which meets IMC quality standard based on any of the followings:-
a) Best in Layout & Appearance
b) The right manipulation of graphics
c) The usefulness of contents and links
d) Bringing a new concept in Home Page Creations which sets a new path for others to follow

How to join?
We shall need you to advertise your page in our IMC Free Links or just SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK so that we know you are eligible for the award.

The winners shall be noticed via email or inscribed in their Guest Book whenever any of our officials/judges found them in the WWW. The winners are eligibled to paste the above award in the first page of their hompages. Simply paste this tag at any position visible :-

awarded by IMCOMP

Among the judges are:
Mr Zulkiply Harun, IMCOMP Principal
The Head of Computer Department,
The Head of Internet Department,
and those who have been appointed as Honorary Judge.
We would like to congratulate the winners and wish them GOOD LUCK.

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