my name is rich, and I don't like this new internet anymore.

My day job is developing web and mobile applications as well as making video games for fame and fortune on the side.

These days if you don't have a degree in design and UX you suck and anything you could possibly put on the internet is of zero value and is absolute shit.

I don't like this. Everything looks the same. All the internet is these days is a bunch of boxes with large padding and white space.

I don't even know where one site ends and one site begins anymore. Were they all created by the same person? Are all our sites wearing the same uniform like in some distopian novel?

What happened to home pages?

You never used to have to be a professional to bring something good to the Internet. Quite the opposite, amatuer sites used to be where a lot of the great content came from. Now a days amatuer's are relegated to blogs and social media.. where's the fun in that? Where's the sense of individuality and personal flare?

I submit to you that there was something lost from those days, something deeper and more meaningful than the surface layer of eye sore websites on geocities. Where is the creative outlet for the amatuer or hobbiest now? I believe it's gone.

We lost the chance for regular, non-computer people to learn a small bit about computers.

If you want to write a blog, it's subject to ads unless you pay. If you want to post your thoughts on social media you are unavoidably subjected to the negetive phsicological aspects of the social networks. The gaming of content for profit, the exposure to all of the toxicity of others.

No more I say, it's time to bring the old internet back!